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Post 24 Jun 2020, 10:25 • #1 
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Hello all. I feel I know some of you after spending hours on the site over the past few days. But you don't know me.

I am an old, soon to be retired fisherman that loves the tug of any type of fish, bluegill to big sharks. But I am a blissfully unaware fly fisherman. I had a fly rod built for me when I was a young man, by a friends dad. (Unused).
And my second fly rod was purchased just days ago to help out a friend that sells for a living. Both old Fenwicks as it turns out.

So here I am. Among the pros, faking any knowledge. I will post some questions as I figure out which forum to ask in on each topic. (I don't want to be the d*** newbie). So thanks in advance for any help with my basic start up info.

Guitarfish (I'll leave it up to you to figure out my two favorite hobbies).

Post 24 Jun 2020, 14:35 • #2 
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welcome - what helps us if you put your location in your profile so we have that context when we read your posts

Post 25 Jun 2020, 07:41 • #3 
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Welcome, Guitarfish!

Post 25 Jun 2020, 08:33 • #4 
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Welcome and what kind of music on the guitar?

Post 25 Jun 2020, 09:18 • #5 
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Welcome. It's OK to be a "newbie," better sometimes because there are fewer preconceptions--often misconceptions--to fulfill.

Post 25 Jun 2020, 10:56 • #6 
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Welcome guitarfish. That was actually my first ever internet screen name, many moons ago!

Post 25 Jun 2020, 19:01 • #7 
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Well you’re in the right place guitarfish , maybe not a lot of info here on vintage Les Paul’s and Strats ( or then again ?) but many members with a wealth of information on the other half of your name , you should have no problem getting most if not all of the helpful information you’re searching for , let alone what’s already been diiscussed in past posts .... Welcome !!!

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