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PhotoBucket noise
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There are still some forum photos hosted on PhotoBucket. PhotoBucket is making more changes to shake down their users. Whatever you do, please DO NOT delete your photos from PhotoBucket in an attempt to appease them. Please, DO NOT hit the 'Break Hosting Links' button if the image below pops up. If you need to use the service, click on the PhotoBucket link in the upper left corner of the page. That will get you around the ransom page.

Eventually we will get images copied and linked in the FFR server. But if you delete your PhotoBucket files - the link information is gone forever. It is very difficult to rebuild a long photo post if the photos are deleted.


Note added: I reduced my PhotoBucket account to be within the 'Free Tier' guidelines. But that still isn't good enough. Now I get a warning about image hosting when I log on. Why would I use PhotoBucket if not as an image host? I expect all image hosting companies will eventually want us to pay to play.

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