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I stumbled on my very first fly rod the other day, and decided to take it out to do some lawn casting. It's a Sage 686 glass that I made myself when I was in grade school. I figured out pretty quick that my casting needed a little smoothening! But that old Sage will indeed throw a nice loop if I do my part. I decided glass was good for my casting. Maybe I'll even take it out to the local bass pond, and see if I can get it slimey again since it's probably been 30 years since I last caught a fish with it!

Then I started doing a little web searching about glass rods. Found this place. Started reading. And decided I wanted to build another glass rod! So I am now waiting in line for a Steffen 7'3" #3/4. Woohoo! Mark said it would be awhile before it would be ready. So I'm gonna go build a cheapie rod in the meantime to get my rod building skills up before I get the Steffen.

Anyway, thanks for all the info. This is a nice site.

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Hi, Welcome to the Forum. I'm glad you like it.

While Sage is known for graphite, their glass rods were very nice. If you are patient they occasionally show up on eBay. The Steffen blank is worth waiting for.

Whatever rod project you have going, please consider posting photos. We love rod builds here.


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