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Post 17 Mar 2008, 03:11 • #1 
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Hello everyone.
What a nice community you have here!

I grew up in the 70's/early 80's fishing glass,
learning from my father (and mentor) on a 6'6" Wright + McGill (from the early 60's, I think?).
Still have that 'lil rod, BTW ...

Anyway, I've been away from the sport for all of the 90's;
while away at college, and then living in central Texas.
Now, I'm back in beautiful upstate NY; and have been flyfishing regularly for the past 3 yrs.
Getting back into the sport, I opted for a new, inexpensive Cablela's package (8' Three Forks, Medalist 1494, etc.);
and that equipment has been ok. But now I'm looking to get back to my roots, as they say ...

I created an account today, and am able to post here,
but not in the (new?) "Fiberglass Flyrods for sale/wanted" forum?
I'm looking to buy a Fenwick FF70 (early model) or FF705 (late model),
and wanted to post that solicitation there. Reading past posts all over this board,
it seems that rods like this change hands often?
My Dad fishes an FF756, and I find that one just a little too stiff ...
I've read that the early FF's aren't quite as stiff as their successors?, so that's my preference.

Also I have a question about the modern glass rods:
(that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere to a guy like me who hasn't been paying attention ... )
They all seem to be designed for much lighter lines than their 60's/70's predecessors?
How do these rods perform with heavier rigs?
I swing wet flies 100% of the time, with 2 or 3 flies (staggered, on droppers ... ).
(not bead-heads, or weighted nymphs; just traditional pattern wet flies ... )
These small, modern glass rods seem geared toward the "delicate presentation" of a single dry fly?
Does anyone use a modern glass rod to swing 3 wet flies? Does it work well?
Also, going below a 4wt line causes me concern with regard to dealing with wind ...

Anyway, thanks for listening.
I've been reading posts (lurking) here for the past few days,
and have really enjoyed some of the discussions ...

Post 17 Mar 2008, 04:48 • #2 
Master Guide
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Seems we have new posting rules for the For Sale/Wanted to Buy thread. One requirement is to have a minimum of 10 posts. Otherwise, you'll need to PM Tom (jgestar) for help.

Post 17 Mar 2008, 07:35 • #3 
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We've had issues with the For Sale forum lately. The 10 post/1 month requirement is to keep people from signing up just to offer tackle for sale. You are interested in posting a "Wanted" ad, so I've changed your access status. You should be able to post now. Hopefully we won't overwhelm you with offers for everything BUT what you want.

You are right, the FF756 is on the stiff side for a 6 weight rod. I like mine better with a 7 weight bass taper. But the Fenwick FF70 is a very nice, slower tempoed DT5 rod. The newer FF705, FF755, or the very recent FF765 Fenglass rod would all be good choices. If you want to consider a little more length, the FF805 is a nice Fenwick too.

As far as the newer rods go, we aren't in the 80s anymore. These are modern rods designed for lighter lines from the start. There is some good stuff on the market. Check out the Wiki links for information on all the currently marketed rods that I know about (with more coming ... ). But despite that, you should still pick the flies you want to fish, then the line/leader you need to deliver the flies, and finally the rod to deliver the line.


Post 17 Mar 2008, 15:53 • #4 
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I swing wet flies a lot, almost always two. A soft 8or 9ft 6wt works well, I have some old SOuth Bends that come to mind. Never have liked short rods.

Post 18 Mar 2008, 02:49 • #5 
Glass Fanatic
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majicwrench wrote:
I swing wet flies a lot, almost always two. A soft 8or 9ft 6wt works well, I have some old SOuth Bends that come to mind. Never have liked short rods.

Thanks for the suggestions.
For some of the small-med streams I fish,
I think that I'll prefer a nice compact 7'.

I agree with you on the line wt., however.
The trouble is, with the new rods, finding a 7' 5-6wt. is next to impossible.
Which is why I'm trying to hook up with a nice 'ol Ferrulite ...

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