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Still Amazed
Post 13 Oct 2007, 08:15 • #1 
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My first reaction after bumbling into a Fiberglass Fly Rod board remains my reaction every time I log in:

I would have thought it to be a relatively modest population, such that there might be maybe 1 2 postings in any given week. I still get mildly astonished when I log in and find new postings on at least 3 4 forums every day that rolls around, and usually multiple postings in a couple or more of those. That suggests a slew of folks have gotten interested in glass rodding. No wonder I encounter so much competition on eBay !

Keep em coming, I eat this stuff up!


Still Amazed
Post 14 Oct 2007, 08:17 • #2 
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Over the last month, we've averaged 79 posts per day, with a high of 121 posts. And we average 6300 page views (that's someone calling up a new page somewhere in the forum). We have over 500 members, about 200 of whom have posted something in the last couple of months. I don't know how many guests visit the forum, but I'm sure the number is fairly substantial.

Yes, it is pretty amazing!


Still Amazed
Post 27 Oct 2007, 14:28 • #3 
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... AMEN!:D. ..


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