Fiberglass Flyrodders First Time Visitor Guide

Welcome to the Fiberglass Flyrodders! Please feel free to join in and participate in the discussions. Fiberglass fly rods are not a thing of the past. For some very savvy fishermen, they are the best rods for the situation. Spend a little time browsing this site and you may find a few surprises.

The main topic of discussion here is fiberglass fly rods. We discuss collecting fiberglass rods, the finer attributes of modern glass rods, the finer attributes of classic glass rods, classic fly reels, repairing rods, and of course fishing with glass rods. Especially the fishing, because that is the point after all. On the other hand, we don't discuss politics, religion, sports, news, or pop culture. The tradition here is to keep the discussions on topic and courteous.

If you are new here, you must register a unique user name to post in the discussion forums. Click on the Register link at the upper left hand corner of the page. After you submit the registration form, you will receive a verification e-mail. Click the link in the e-mail to complete the registration process.

New members are free to post in any of the discussions on Fiberglass Flyrodders, except the For Sale and What's New in the Market forums. Due to past problems, there is a 10 post minimum plus 1 month of membership for anyone to post in For Sale. No replies are allowed in For Sale. Starting new threads in What's New in the Market is restricted to commercial members and administrators, but anyone may reply. If you feel you have a compelling reason to post in one of these two forums before you have the requisite number of posts, please contact the forum owner, jgestar.

Again, welcome to the Fiberglass Flyrodders!