Welcome to the Fiberglass Flyrodders!

This is the portal page to the Fiberglass Flyrodders discussion group. As one might expect, the discussion group is about fiberglass fly rods. We discuss collecting fiberglass rods, the finer attributes of modern 'glass rods, the finer attributes of older 'glass rods, classic fly reels for 'glass rods, repairing rods, and of course fishing with 'glass rods. Especially the fishing, because that is the point after all.

Fiberglass fly rods are not a thing of the past. For some very savvy fishermen, they are the best rods for their situation. In addition, the new 'glass fly rods made by modern builders are the best that have ever been made.

2/9/2023 - A recent update took the forum down for a few hours. Currently we are back up and running.